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  1. NEWTOWN, Connecticut (AFP) – The US school gunman used an assault rifle to pump his mostly six- and seven-year old victims with multiple bullets, authorities said Saturday, as details of the horrific spree became clearer.
    Rest in peace, children and adults alike, and know that you are in the hearts of millions.

    A law must be immediately issued – all gun stores must be closed in 24 hours and to be banned – only cops must have guns

    A law should be issued – criminals must be executed after 20 years in prison

    A law must be issued – all the games for children with guns and violence be banned and who create such movie be arrested and held in prison for life
    Hollywood is guilty of all the crimes – they promote violence and created a world full of violence
    90 % of television channels promote violence – THIS CREATE CRIMINALS AND MENTAL ILLNESS – STOP
    95% of the actually movies promote violence and crimes – THIS CREATE CRIMINALS AND MENTAL ILLNESS – STOP

    Everyone must do something to stop this violence –demonstrate to banned games with guns for children and violence movies
    December 14, 2012

  2. Dear American government or somebody: Please do something about preventing crime over the U.S.A. like [attempted homicides, child abductions, wife assault, child abuse, armed home invasions and armed bank robberies; including guns, gangs and drugs elder abuse and animal abuse/cruelty, and if the policemen catches anyone suspicious like these following crimes, the police will quickly arrest the suspects/gangs, lock them up and throw away the key.

  3. I would like to start a movement for applying term limits on felonies.Can you imagine all the adult men and women, that could restore their sense of self worth, and the ability to better provide for themselves and their families, (not to mention getting back into the working tax pool for America), if the federal government were to to put term limits on the time that a felony conviction could be used against the average felon? (especially the JOB market) Why should a man recieve virtually a life sentence for a silly mistake, (or even not so silly mistake), made in his youth? Wouldn’t it be fair to consider an “auto clean your name bill” for those who have not reoffended in 10 or 20 years and would be overjoyed with just a chance to feel normal again!
    I think the benifits of such a plan are enormous, for both individuals and the nation as a whole.
    If you agree and would like to help me make a rough draft to send to President Obahma, feel free to email me at the above email address. Or, if you feel that such a plan would not work, I would like to hear why. I’m going to convert my facebook page into a petition to get it done!
    ThankYou Michael Peterson email


    Littleton, Colorado was a Midwestern city that went relatively unheard of until April 20 of 1999. One of the reason is because of bias reporting of white on white crime. The Columbine school had experience bullying stealing fighting and many drug incidents! Littleton had it’s problem it was just never reported….! It was on that Tuesday morning that Littleton became the site of the worst school shooting in American history, and for that the city has achieved notoriety.
    The two white teens who engineered their hometown’s infamy were Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18. They are perhaps two of the most talked about white teenagers in recent history, their names and faces stamped in the annals of American crime forever.
    What made these two white young men, who seemed to have no outwardly threatening, overtly violent tendencies, arm themselves to the teeth and blow away twelve classmates and a teacher, before each taking a bullet themselves? To understand what went on before the Columbine High School shooting, we must look at what does not go on in white community.
    Whites are fast to point out minority short coming. The white control media feed to the public that minority are the bad people and white people are victims. After the Columbine incident you didn’t hear any attacks on all white people or white parenting! There was no curfew there was no media interviewing whites in the neighborhood! There was no talk about how two white teen could purchase that much armor over the internet!
    Most white people are not getting what I’m putting down at all! I’m not defensive at all. I’m merely stating fact! You heard Mayor Nutter make a speech and walked away think how great he is! I think Mayor Nutter is the worse of the worse Mayors in the country. Remember just a year and a half ago 15 white police officer or Group Attackers! Chase four black men and pulled them from their car and handcuffed and kicked and beat them!

    This incident was capture on videotape. Chief Ramsey and Mayor Nutter were ineffective in disciplining the officer..Who had chase beat kicked and handcuff …THE WRONG MEN! There was no questioning their parent! Mayor Nutter is a piss poor Mayor and a hypocrite. But you see and hear as a white person! That not me being nasty or disrespectful. That stating historical facts! Whites see and hear things different then minorities!
    Remember Rodney King 4 white officers were caught on video beating and kicking unarmed Rodney King .
    While upwards of 26 white officer stood and watch and did nothing to stop the crime! A all white jury found the white officers justify! Mayor Nutter is also responsible for Stop & Frisk in Philly. Which really should be call Stop black People. There is a video on the internet of white police stopping black children . On their way to school. Young black boys 8 and younger are made to drop their trouser and take off their shoes. In full view of the public.

    As a former Correction officer I can’t treat convicted criminal like the black children in Philly and NY are treated! But as a white people who believe that all black children are on their way to being criminal…This treatment is OK! A year ago four white teens set a homeless man on fire killing him…There was no mention of white on white crime or a attacking on white parenting! There was no curfew!

    In 1955 Emmit Til was murdered by two white men. They claim he disrespected a white female. A all white jury found them not guilty! Two months later that told their story to Life Magazine for $200. How they beat cut off his private and shot him! Today that same evil happen! The true is the true! I also know that black crime is horrible in America. But so is white and other races! The solution will come when all Americans SAY: WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!


    Do you know when a teenager is lying…when their mouth moves…Male don’t mature until in their 30! Men are stupid! Moron, idiot, stupid”you are a nut” ” you are a fool” I don’t see it” (referring to someone’s looks) you don’t look like you miss a meal” ( referring to someone’s weight)! Do you take drug? You are a bum….your lazy for receiving welfare…..What is the nature of your disability! Are you stupid or are you just playing stupid?….One male litigant was refer to as”this Thing”!These are just some of the attacks and insults Judge Judy have stated towards litigant that have enter the courtroom for justice! Judge Judy is a bully with authority that abuse and disrespects her position! As a judge she is put in a position of authority and responsibility and should be of the highest in professionalism! SHE IS NOT! Judge Judy is a disgrace to the judicial system that has in place protocol for judges and litigants! Bullying in America is in the news but the reason for bullying has not been disgust! I truly believe that racism in America is a form of bullying especially if the bullying is combine with authority! White police officer in black neighborhoods have been historically bully! They have beat black people like animals and justify it. They have murder unarmed black adults and children and justify it! Because they are encourage to bully black and other minority! Bullying in schools have lead to suicide and murder because many is authority have dismiss claim and complain from victims! Now I mention Judge Judy but Judge Joe Brown and Judge Mathis both have threaten litigants with bodily harm from the bench! Are also bully and I must add ignorant! The question of the day….. Why are we as a people surprise that bullying in schools is a horrible problem among our young????? Look at what they see in adults in authority …Look at what they are being taught and by who…. Look at programs like Maruy , Jerry Springer,Jersey Wives of Whatever” Real World” Parent Control” Jersey Shore” …All these programs promote hate and bullying! White men in American Government have historically been bully’s! Newt Gingrich is a old sick and truly disrespectful bully! Bottom line bullying in America can be associate with authority and many TV programs that promote bullying! Then look at Fox News Sean Hannity ” Glenn Beck ‘ Bill O’Reilly all bully! In the case of Bill O’Reilly he is not only a bully he has no respect for women A TOTAL PERVERT! That has been sue by a woman that he sexually harassment!


    Young innocent Aiyana Jones was 7 years old a black female child asleep in her home! That was murder by a white Detroit police officer first burn with a flash bomb and then shot dead by the Detroit cop! The result TOO-BAD-SO-SAD the cop blame the grandmother and showed no remorse for the murder! WHAT A DIFFERENCE A RACES MAKES!!!!! Kathryn Johnston 92 year old black female senior citizen. Shot 39 times 6 bullets hitting their mark. The three white officers then handcuff the dying woman and planted drugs in her home and a gun in her hand. They had raided the wrong home. Result two of the three officers where sentence one 5 years another 11 years! In other words the life of a black senior citizen and the fact all three tried to cover their crime up! TOO-BAD-SO-SAD! When the police believe that white Joshua Komisarjevsky and white Steven Hayes, two parolees who met each other at a halfway house, staked out the Petit home who are white. The New York Post reported that Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her 11-year-old daughter Michaela had been stalked at a grocery store parking lot near their home the day before by the suspected murderers. After the pair broke into the Petit home and beat and kicked and put Dr;Petit in the basement, Hawke-Petit was forced to a bank at to withdraw $15,000. Somehow, she signaled to the teller that her family was in danger. The teller then called the police, but it was too late: The Petit house was already burning. The children had been sexually assaulted and when the mother return from the bank she was also murdered! This was a horrible white on white crime that my heart goes out to the father! The difference is all American are outrage and letter of sorrow and regrets flood the father!The white control media kept this story in the news daily! The two blacks people I mention above was reported on maybe a two day story! Not ones did the white control media condemn the white police officer that burn and shot a innocent black child! The country wants the murderer of the white family to pay with their lives! But the two black people who are just as dead I mention above it’s TOO-BAD-SO-SAD !!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE A RACES MAKES!!!!!

    • Hi Tyrone: Thanks for writing.
      Race cannot be used as a basis for making law enforcement decisions; on that we both agree.
      But please take a look at today’s post on law enforcement officers killed and assaulted. Some officers make terrible mistakes; they also die and are injured in the name of our safety.
      Best, Adam.

  7. One of the biggest problems my group has isn’t convincing folks that they have a problem. It’s convincing them to address the biggest one first and then deal with the other stuff. Nobody seems to want to do that. Everyone wants a reason or an excuse. They want to worry about the big bruise on their arm when there leg is cut off and they are bleeding out.

    • Hi. Thanks for writing. The research states that the first reason people do not seek drug treatment is they do not feel that need it.
      Best, Adam.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for this good effort and I liked it as I have got one more who thinks like me and has taken initiative to prevent cyber crime through his knowledge. I want to share ur link with my blog
    Pl keep continue and be my friend for helping netizens. u will know me from the above blog and I believe this will also be helpful to ur readers.

  9. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is involved in drug smuggling from Afghanistan. Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the president (Hamid Karzai) of Afghanistan, gets regular payments from the CIA and has for much of the past eight years. CIA is directly working with RAW to destabilize to divide and capture part of the Balochistan so they have route to smuggle drugs out of Afghanistan. This is one of the reason USA/CIA doesn’t want Pakistan to fence and mine the PAK/Afghan border.
    George Bush government support CIA, Obama, Hillery all supporting CIA and RAW agent working in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This has further weaken Pakistan government and law and order situation is getting worse.

    • Hi. Thanks for writing. We agree that we need to do more on crime prevention. Please see the crime prevention category on the right side of the page.
      CIA staff.

    • The Federal Bureau of Prisons has an inmate locator service but the 50 states all have different policies. Criminal records are not offered by any government agency that we are aware of. In fact, provision of prior criminal history information (beyond sex offender registries) is considered to be illegal.
      Crime in America.Net staff.