Report summarizes what has been learned about efficacy of drug courts.

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Drug Courts
The Sentencing Project has released a report that summarizes what has been learned about efficacy of drug courts.
Their analysis found that most evaluations indicate that drug court graduates are less likely to be rearrested than individuals
processed through traditional courts. Additionally, many evaluations have found that there is a cost savings
benefit associated with drug courts based on costs associated with new arrests, case processing, jail occupancy
and victimization costs. Despite the fact that many evaluations have shown that drug courts are beneficial, the authors
did identify several concerns raised in the evaluation literature. There is little known about the impacts of
various modalities of treatment, drug courts may not be well suited for offenders with more severe drug addiction
problems, and that drug courts may actually be increasing the number of individuals being arrested for drug offenses.
The full report Drug Courts: A Review of the Evidence can be found at:


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