Study of the Chicago CeaseFire Program

In this study of the Chicago CeaseFire program, Skogan, Hartnett, Bumb, and Dobois
incorporated both process and outcome components to examine the implementation and
impact of the program. CeaseFire is a program designed to reduce shootings and killing
by using trained “interrupters” to help change the behavior of those individuals with a
high chance of being shot or being a shooter. This study examined multiple sites where
the program was implemented and comparison sites utilizing analyses examining
changes over time, hot spot mapping, and gang network analysis to assess the impact of
the program. The study found that CeaseFire was effective in reducing killings and violence
in most areas, decreasing the size and intensity of shooting hot spots in more than
half of the areas, and reducing gang involvement in killings and retaliatory killings. The
full report is available at:



  1. I saw the skit this evening on how cease fire is stopping the killings in Chicago. What a good cause for humanity!

    What is disturbing to me is street gangs hearing the solution on CNN as talking down the perpetrator. This in itself is a communication of violence. Lets say we talked them UP!
    Do you think a better place is UP rather than down? Lets satrt there….

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