New and Free Publications from the US Department of Justice

New and Free Publications from the US Department of Justice

Addressing Strategies for Future Community Policing
“Community Policing: Looking to Tomorrow” (NCJ 227424, 56 pp.) summarizes the results of community policing roundtable meetings held in 2007. This publication reflects the participants’ comments, observations, and opinions along with their discussions. It also focuses on how police and city leaders can continue to strengthen and add value to local efforts. (COPS)

Advancements in Reporting Crime by Police
“Expanding Police Ability to Report Crime: The National Incident-Based Reporting System” (NIBRS) (NCJ 225459, 2 pp.) describes how police can use this FBI tool to report crime. This publication provides examples of how police have used NIBRS to gather evidence to develop effective solutions and practices. NIBRS has revised and advanced the FBI’s crime reporting system (Uniform Crime Reports). (NIJ)

Latest AMBER Advocate Issue Released
This issue of “The AMBER Advocate” highlights the individuals who were honored at the 2009 National Missing Children’s Day ceremony. Other articles discuss an AMBER Alert case in South Carolina, new manuals designed to help telecommunicators who respond to missing children cases, and an initiative to help solve child abductions in Indian Country. (OJP)

Overcoming Language Barriers in Law Enforcement
“Bridging the Language Divide: Promising Practices for Law Enforcement” (NCJ 227423, 68 pp.) discusses how police departments of different sizes, capacities, and circumstances can overcome language barriers they encounter in their jurisdictions. This report profiles six police departments that addressed the problem and identifies eight best practices for ensuring language access to limited-English-proficient populations. (COPS)

Reducing Crime Through Collaborative Partnerships
“A Policymaker’s Guide to Building Our Way Out of Crime” (NCJ 227421, 88 pp.) demonstrates how police-community developer partnerships can transform crime- and blight-ridden neighborhoods into community assets. This publication examines case studies in Charlotte, North Carolina; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Providence, Rhode Island, and chronicles the accomplishments of this strategic alliance in these cities. (COPS)

Report Provides Guidance for Juvenile Defenders
The National Juvenile Defender Center has released “Role of Juvenile Defense Counsel in Delinquency Court.” The report describes the unique and crucial role that defense attorneys play in juvenile court proceedings in providing comprehensive legal representation to children charged with offenses. (OJJDP)

Resource Outlines New Strategy To Combat Gangs
The National District Attorneys Association has released “Civil Gang Injunctions: A Guide for Prosecutors.” This monograph describes the innovative use of gang injunctions, pioneered by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, to reduce the spread of gang-related criminal activity. (BJA)

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