Sex Offender:State Agents Missed Chances


By John Simerman
Contra Costa Times

Posted: 11/04/2009 02:40:36 PM PST

Updated: 11/05/2009 07:53:05 AM PST


State parole officials who oversaw the man now charged with Jaycee Dugard’s abduction and years-long sexual bondage repeatedly missed chances to discover Jaycee and her girls, even failing to look into a 12-year-old girl a parole agent found during a visit to Phillip Garrido’s home near Antioch, according to a scathing report released today by a state watchdog agency.

The report, by the state Inspector General’s Office, chides parole officials who have repeatedly claimed that Garrido complied fully with his parole conditions.

“While it is true that Garrido’s California parole was never officially violated,” the report states, “our review shows that Garrido committed numerous parole violations and that the

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department failed to properly supervise Garrido and missed numerous opportunities to discover his victims.”The agency, which oversees California’s prisons and correctional programs, released a summary of the report this morning. Release of the full report and a news conference is scheduled for 2 p.m.

Convicted in the 1976 kidnapping and rape of a South Lake Tahoe woman, Garrido spent more than a decade in federal prison. He was under federal parole supervision in the decade following his release in 1988 — the period when Dugard was abducted at age 11, taken to Antioch and gave birth to the two daughters authorities say Garrido fathered.

When his federal parole ended, California agents took over his supervision in 1999 under an agreement with Nevada.

 Garrido and his wife, Nancy, remain held without bail in Placerville, charged with 29 felony counts in Jaycee’s abduction and a series of alleged rapes throughout her childhood.

Authorities say the couple snatched Jaycee from the street outside her South Lake Tahoe home on June 10, 1991, and spirited her directly to the house on Walnut Avenue to live in a carefully hidden backyard warren of tents, sheds and outbuildings.

There is no indication that Jaycee ever attempted an escape, authorities say. She was reunited with her family shortly after the couple’s Aug. 26 arrest and is cooperating with investigators, officials say.

Alert UC Berkeley police officers notified Garrido’s parole agent of his presence on campus with two shy girls the agent apparently never knew about. The following day, Garrido brought his wife, Dugard and the girls into a Concord parole office, and police questioning unearthed Dugard’s identity.

Among the report’s findings, state parole officials:

— Missed several red flags, including the 12-year-old girl, “clearly visible utility wires running from Garrido’s house toward the concealed compound,” and information showing that Garrido had


violated his parole terms. 

— Failed to adequately classify and supervise Garrido.

— Failed to obtain key information from federal parole authorities.

— Failed to refer Garrido for mental health assessment

— Failed to train parole agents to conduct home visits.

The report spreads responsibility to federal officials as well. A state corrections spokesman did not immediately return a call for comment, but Matthew Cate, secretary of corrections and rehabilitation, is scheduled to appear at the afternoon

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A van is towed from the home of Phillip and Nancy Garrido in Antioch on Friday,… (ABC7 News photo)

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