Fear of Crime Falls-Pew Research

Gentlereaders: Please see both posts. There may be an interesting contradiction in the Pew and Gallup research. Crime in America Staff.

Post #1 Crime Concerns Fall-Pew Research Center

The public’s crime concerns have fluctuated over the past eight years. In January 2001, fully 76% rated reducing crime as a top priority. Reducing crime fell as a major goal after 9/11, but increased in 2006 and 2007 (62% rating it a top priority in each year). Currently, just 46% say that reducing crime should be a top priority, down from 54% in January 2008.

In the past year, the percentage of Democrats who view reducing crime as a major goal has fallen sharply – from 62% to 47%. Far fewer women and college graduates also rate crime reduction as a top priority (down 13 points and 12 points, respectively).

For the entire article (Economy, Jobs Trump All Other Policy Priorities In 2009), please see http://people-press.org/report/485/economy-top-policy-priority.

Post #2 If Crime is at Record Lows, then Why is Perception of Crime at Record Highs?

Criminological Question of the Week

 We posted research on Crime in America.Net regarding new Gallup Polls and what’s on the minds of Americas regarding their perceptions of crime and their ranking of crime concerns.

Question—if crime is at record lows for the country (see below):

·    http://crimeinamerica.net/2009/09/15/american-crime-rates-lower-in-2008-based-on-crimes-reported-to-police-fbi/

·    http://crimeinamerica.net/2009/09/08/violent-crime-rate-remained-unchangedwhile-theft-rate-declined-in-2008/.

…then why are Americans perceiving increased crime, and why is that perception at record levels?

According to the National Crime Survey “Violent and property crime rates in 2008 remain at the lowest levels recorded since 1973.”

Gallup’s annual Crime poll finds 74% of Americans saying there is more crime in the United States than there was a year ago, the highest measured since the early 1990s.

See http://crimeinamerica.net/2009/11/07/americans-perceive-increased-crime-in-u-s/.

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