Crime Victim Rights–New DOJ Report

The Rand Corporation recently completed a process evaluation of the National Center for Victims of Crime of the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) Victims’

Rights Clinics. The NCVLI clinics are intended to promote awareness, education, and enforcement of victims’ rights in the criminal justice system. The process evaluationaddressed a variety of issues including: clinic activities, acceptance by judges and prosecutors, staff training, client selection, and suggested improvements to clinic operations.

The researchers conducted interviews with clinic staff, criminal justice officials and clients. In addition to the interviews researchers conducted site visits which included focus groups with clinic clients. Some of the implementation challenges identified in the evaluation were: resistance of prosecutors and judges to the idea of victims being represented by attorneys in court, high staff turnover and inexperience, demand for services, and sustainability.

Initial findings indicate that the clinics are beginning to meet their goals and that the clinics that build on the networks and reputations of experienced clinic directors have an easier time gaining clients and the cooperation of judges and prosecutors.

The full report, a Process Evaluation of the NCVLI Victims’ Rights Clinics, Finally Getting Victims Their Due is available at: .



  1. anonimous says:

    I was arrested for asault on a fifth degree black belt, my boy friend at the time. He lied to the police and told them I attacked him, when actually he attacked me. I was not allowed to press charges against him because LAPD had arrested me.

    He claimed I ran my hand and nails down his face. I don’t know how he go the scratches on his face got there but I thik they may have been self inflicted. I know I didn’t do that. He was on trial at the time for attempted asault with a large knife and terrorist threats for which he was convicted. I know of two other asaults that happened while he was awaiting trial, but I didn’t witness them.

    This all happened because I found him with another woman, went to his place of business and asked for my key to my front door and my electronics to be returned to me. I was holding his bail at the time. He shoved me backwards into some chairs. He hit me in the forehead with the palm of his hand, very hard. I had a whiplash from a car accident a few weeks before and this hit renewed my injury. I still feel it ocationally. During the attack, I grabed his 99c poucka shell necklace as I fell and it broke. That was when he told me I was going to jail. I never touched his face. I ran outside, locked myself in my car and called the police who told me to wait for them, which I did. When they got there about an hour and a half later, Officer Espanoza arrested me. I am a 5’3′ female, 118 lbs at that time, with very little self defence education. I had bruses on the back of my thighs which officer espanoza refused to look at. My mother paid $5,000 to bail me out so I could find an attorney, take pictures of my injuries, see a doctor about my neck and get proof that he did renew the injury, all so I could show the city attorney that I really was attacked. When the city attorney heard my story, my case concerning charges against me by my ex boyfriend, was taken off the book and I was not charged, but his story about what happen is still on my record, the police record that is, for any police officer to see. I’ve never been convicted of any crime. I am a college graduate and I own my own home. I’m trying to pay my mother back but I don’t have much money. I paid an attorney $2500 to come with me to see the city attorney.

    He was never arrested or charged for attacking me. He never paid restitution. No one asked me if my rights had been violated. I was never informed of any victim’s rights clinic. This happened 6 years ago and I will never date anyone again. I’m afraid to do so. I was told I couldn’t get a restraining order against him because I had been arrested. Where’s the justice for people like me?

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