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Gentlereaders: GPS or satellite tracking of offenders may be one of the most innovative methods of community supervision available. While far from foolproof, satellite tracking provides the incentive for many offenders to stay clear of crime and prompt many to come into compliance with the terms of their supervision.  Please note, however, that tracking and strict supervision needs to be accompanied by treatment and employment services. An offender with mental health problems will not succeed without access to mental health treatment regardless as to how stringently he is supervised.

Two new articles (one has a review of the literature) are offered below.

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A new article on GPS-Satellite tracking is available via “DC Public Safety.”  It was published by the Journal of Community Corrections. Immediately preceding this article is another focusing on the cooperative role of the Metropolitan Police Department and CSOSA regarding GPS tracking. This article was published by the Journal of Offender Monitoring.

Television and radio programs on GPS tracking are available on the site.

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  1. GPS monitors should accompany restraining orders of Stalkers. Maybe it would save a life.

  2. hey.. what u actually want to say… “Television and radio programs on GPS tracking are available on the site.” ?

    cleon dann

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