Crime in Schools: Government or Parental Responsibility?

Guide Offers Communities Ways To Prevent and Respond to School Violence

Crime in America.Net,

Gentlereaders: Everything you wanted to know about school violence including documentation of infamous school crime shootings are cited in the Department of Justice publication listed below. The problem, as always, is in the details.

The publication warns of children falling into the following categories: 

  • “Failure to detect and treat children exhibiting warning signs of being troubled including a written or verbal behavior that indicates the child has perceived injustice, revenge fantasy, obsession with revenge, desire to be notorious, preoccupation with previous school shootings or shooters, suicidal or homicidal ideation, feelings of insignificance, feelings of dehumanization, or a desensitization to violence with, children after school, “
  • “Lack of adult supervision of, and positive interaction,”
  • “Negative self-image.”

We believe that the document is a wonderful and needed guide, but we wonder who, as children, do not fall into the categories listed above?

Every taunted child in school has a revenge fantasy. How many children today have sufficient adult supervision? Negative self images abound at this age.

Many of the teenagers we have been in contact with including the bright and motivated ones, express dread of the high school experience and want to leave as quickly as possible. The principal reason? Too many kids who fall into the categories above.

We are about to write a post on an innovative program designed to have trained staff intervene with mothers at risk on the assumption that their children are at equal risk. Maybe efforts like these will forestall future school shootings and maybe high school can be a place of peace and learning.

Or maybe we just have to care enough about our children to provide the time, love and discipline necessary to turn out reasonably adjusted children.

Quite possibly, this issue has little to do with what government does. It depends on parents taking their roles seriously. It depends on society admonishing everyone who does not.

Once again, disorder and those disorderly take so much of society’s ability to prosper. Maybe we have to start our efforts way before children enter high school. Maybe we have to get upset with parents who simply do not care or who are too busy to care.

Think that will ever happen?

Department of Justice Publication:

The Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), in coordination with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, has published a new edition of its “Guide for Preventing and Responding to School Violence.”

Designed to assist local communities, the guide describes the roles of the school, community, families, law enforcement, and justice system in working together to take effective action to address school violence.

Resources: BJA’s “Guide for Preventing and Responding to School Violence” is available online at

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