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Updated–fall of 2010.

The demand for information comparing one city to another is one of the Internet’s most popular crime-related requests. But we get angry inquiries as to why a particular city is or is  not on the list below.

We at Crime in America.Net do not compile these lists; we collect relevant information and put it in one convenient place thus providing the most comprehensive resource available on the subject.  Please go to and take some time to explore the  additional resources/studies available. 

We offer all the studies so you can create your own conclusions.

We understand that web readers scan and do not read but in this case you need to look at a variety of sources to get the answer as to the safety or dangerousness of a particular city.

Every list/study will rank cities based on different factors. If you’re upset that Baltimore (or any other city) did not make the list below, then look at the other studies at the link above.

Please understand that it’s almost impossible to compare one city against another with any real precision (explained at the link above).  Note that New York  is included in Forbes current list of safest cities but New York also appears on the list below.

Comparisons keep happening so we will continue to offer what’s available.

Forbes magazine offers the list below based on rates of violent crime and additional factors such as unemployment, sales and income tax rates, commute times, the performance of pro sports teams, weather and public corruption.

This year’s list:

1. Cleveland, Ohio.
2. Stockton, Calif.
3. Memphis, Tenn.
4. Detroit, Mich.
5. Flint, Mich.
6. Miami, Fla.
7. St. Louis, Mo.
8. Buffalo, N.Y.
9. Canton, Ohio.
10. Chicago, Ill.
11. Modesto, Calif.
12. Akron, Ohio.
13. Kansas City, Mo.
14. Rockford, Ill.
15. Toledo, Ohio.
16. New York, N.Y.
17. Sacramento, Calif.
18. Youngstown, Ohio.
19. Gary, Ind.
20. Philadelphia, Pa.




  1. I’m surprised to see popular cities ranking highly on that list for miserable cities. Miami has the beach why would they be sad?

  2. I think thats normal and nothing to worry about.Every country and city has crime statistics like this one.I hope the administration will take more effective steps to diminish those crimes.

  3. 2 b real im kinda suprized dat my city even made da list…i guess my folk wuznt lie’n wen dey said sacramento is gettin worst

  4. Clevelander says:

    Cleveland gets so much heat, I won’t disagree Cleveland is not a Bedford city–but its not all that bad an how can you really compare a city with barely 250000 residents (in the city) to a city of 500 plus that has a thriving metro life, nightlife Its dead at 6 downtown an the only time people come out is on friday/sat or when its a game (DEC 2nd Cleveland will murder the HEAT)–an it all depends on what the media is allowed to report so you think another mugging in NY or another raping in South Jose is gonna compare to a serial killer with bodies in the walls (yes that did happen here) give me an cleveland a break—i would down euclid ave before I walk anywhere at night in Oakland Ca South Central LA, DC, or Boston,

    So a little grace for Cleveland guys

    • Hi LB. Thanks for writing. Agreed. That’s why we include references to the fact that it’s difficult if not impossible to compare cities. The problem is openness and the fact that so many internet users want this information regardless as to the reasons. The media routinely reports this data so it’s impossible not to discuss it. People just need to understand that the findings are filled with problems.
      Best, Adam.

  5. stockTOWNpplz says:

    MAN I KNEW THIS PLACE WAS BAD BUT NUMBA 2!!! Dang now we really can say we’re in the ghetto

  6. ummmmmmmmmmmmm detroit should be #1

  7. Dis is crazy campton nj is crzy it is the worst ghetto hood ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. man dis messed up charlotte nc has the most burglies in the US think about that we should be on that list not only that list
    #1 thru 5!


  10. I dont think that you should brag about your city or state being number one… that’s just pure ignorance.

  11. clevelandddd is the cittyyyy :) 216 all day

  12. whatthefrigg says:

    This is the most ignorant and false listing of what a dangerous city is about!!!
    You admins have trouble telling your a-hole from a hole in the wall. If you’re not smart enough to look up sites like before you run you biased mouth then dont post. The people that look at this site, I must say probably take it to heart if not go and tell people, You have wasted time of how ever many thought you might have some knowledge or insight. For the rest of you really wanting to know how bad your city is visit! It does not have a top ten list and may not have your one horse town. What it does have; crime maps, daily reported crimes by city, decent details to crimes commited, unbiased reporting. rofl Forbes is your source. When did posting without researching become a common practice.

  13. cleveland is really the worst in US… go look at the 25 worst neighborhoods

  14. What about Baltimore???


  16. jason harris says:

    yeee modesto ca making the list

  17. LOL…I live about 30 miles north of Flint…it’s a hole. Saginaw’s not much better :(

  18. wow admin you must be something to put detroit as number 4? an cleveland as number 1? hahaha
    this is bull
    you must be in your own world or smthn no offence lol this list is wrong

  19. Flint should definitely be 2 or 3

  20. Mary Ann Rusnov-Hagans says:

    I would like to see the 2009 list of the most dangerous cities to compare.

  21. what about camden? i thought that would make it in the top 5

  22. cleveland ( ohio in general) aint nothin to be fucked with. #1

  23. Where does Pheonix or any Arizona city fall. According to their Governor, you would think they would at least make the top 10?

  24. I want to know where Cincinnati is on here. It holds the record for the most murders per capita in 2002, 2005, 2007 and has been in the top 5 per capita from 1998 to 2010. It is also one of the poorest and most drug infested cities in America.


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