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First Police Body-Worn Camera Evaluation By Crime Solutions.Gov

Colleagues: This is the first police body camera evaluation offered by the Department of Justice’s Crime Solutions.Gov. See Body Worn Camera Evaluation. Evidence Rating: Promising – One study Date: This profile was posted on November 28, 2016 Program Summary This program equips individual police officers with body-worn cameras to record police encounters during shifts. The program […]


Facebook and Crime

Facebook, Crime and West Virginia Having been in the criminal justice system for close to 50 years, I find fascination with offbeat aspects of crime and justice in America. With the current contentious political debate raging over crime and solutions, I would like to offer a “lesser” example of effective crime control. I lived in […]


Could Technology Change Policing?

Two Reports on Technology Needs Advances in technology can improve the safety and effectiveness of the criminal justice system, especially for law enforcement agencies. To support agencies’ using new technology, the Department of Justice supports a broad research portfolio to ensure technology is efficient, adequate and accessible. Two new publications — produced by the RAND […]