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Want a Safer World? Stop Children from Being Abused and Neglected

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Crime in America.Net See data from the Department of Justice (below). Everyone seems to have an endless array of beliefs regarding what causes crime to go up or down and most involve “others” doing or not doing something.  What bothers us is our collective unwillingness to take an […]


Do Decreases in Child Abuse Explain Decreases in Violent Crime? Crime News

In January we posted an article on why crime rates were falling. We stated that there was no universal explanation for crime rates regardless as to whether they were rising or falling. We admitted that this was confusing to people not in the justice system; the criminological community simply cannot agree on the factors associated […]


Big Drops in Child Sex and Physical Abuse: Crime News

Gentlereaders: The US Department of Health and Human Servicers reports considerable drops in child abuse, sexual child abuse and emotional abuse in their latest study. There is little need for comment from us beyond the fact that virtually all measures of criminality (and there are more than your realize) show a continuous drop in most […]