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Crime in mid-size metropolitan areas rising faster than larger metro areas

Crime in America.Net Dear readers. We keep getting inquiries about city and state crime comparisons and we keep saying that it’s really difficult to make accurate assessments.  See for a discussion. But what many are looking for is purely understandable; you’re seeking to information to keep you and your family safe or you’re looking […]


Two-thirds of Americans Believe Crime is Increasing: Is That Belief Justified?

Crime in America.Net The Gallup Poll below graphically illustrates the America perception that crime is on the rise in this country; two-thirds believe that crime is increasing. Problem is, crime in America is at a 20 year low. According to the National Crime Survey, crime today is lower that when the Department of Justice started […]


Crime Statistics–Most Dangerous Cities–Most Miserable Cities

Updated–fall of 2010. The demand for information comparing one city to another is one of the Internet’s most popular crime-related requests. But we get angry inquiries as to why a particular city is or is  not on the list below. We at Crime in America.Net do not compile these lists; we collect relevant information and put […]