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The Drug-Crime Connection Remains Strong. Marijuana is the Prominent Drug

Whenever we post statistics about the marijuana-crime connection, we get a ton of e-mails from disbelievers who feel that any connection is completely overblown. The principal research for the marijuana-crime connection is the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM II) program (see below) which consistently states that, out of all illegal drugs, marijuana has the strongest […]


11 Percent of Prison Inmates Get Drug Treatment: Crime Statistics

Gentlepeople: The report below states that 11 percent of prison inmates who need it receive drug treatment. It repeats findings of earlier studies. The same dilemma exists for inmates with mental health issues; the vast majority do not receive treatment. Ditto for offenders with educational and occupational deficiencies. The Pew Center for the States, the Sentencing […]


Drugs and Crime-New Study

Crime in America.Net meta terms: crime prevention, crime news, crime statistics, criminal justice resources New Study Reveals Scope of Drug and Crime Connection; As Many as 87 Percent of People Arrested for Any Crime Test Positive for Drug Use Data Underscores Urgent Need to Expand Alternatives to Incarceration for Non-violent Offenders RELATED RESOURCES 2008 ADAM […]