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Facebook and Crime

Facebook, Crime and West Virginia Having been in the criminal justice system for close to 50 years, I find fascination with offbeat aspects of crime and justice in America. With the current contentious political debate raging over crime and solutions, I would like to offer a “lesser” example of effective crime control. I lived in […]


Facebook Burglary Ring—Geo-Location Means More Crime

 Crime in America.Net   Reporter Erik Sass in Media Post Blogs (see provides the following information:     “…police in the town of Nashua, New Hampshire have busted a three-man burglary ring which stole at least $100,000 worth — and perhaps twice that amount — of cash, consumer electronics, jewelry and other valuables (not to […]


“Are You Kidding Me?” Does Geo-Location Mean More Crime?

Crime news by Crime in America.Net To the loyal listeners of the “Buzz Out Loud” daily technology podcast, location devices are a frequent topic. “I know where you are” rants the reincarnation of Katharine Hepburn as channeled by Molly Wood, one of the interesting and frighteningly knowledgeable cast. Their discussion on show 1182 ( focused […]