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Female juvenile delinquency doubled since 1985 while males rise 30 percent

The juvenile justice system exists to protect the child, not to enforce public safety. That statement alone is enough to cause consternation and confusion. There are endless stories of people under the age of 18 terrorizing communities; so to state that the justice system exists to protect the child is a shocking revelation to many […]


Female Involvement in Crime Growing: Crime News

Crime News from Crime in America.Net While crime throughout the country decreases and prison populations begin to level off, it’s disconcerting to see a rise in criminal activity among girls and women. Women offenders have unique issues; US Department of Justice data indicate that female offenders come from very troubled backgrounds with higher rates of mental […]


Sex Offenders:Recidivism of Female Sex Offenders

  Staff Introduction Dear Gentlereaders: Once again, there are differences in the offending characteristics of women and male offenders in the study below. Additional Department of Justice research indicate considerable differences in crime characteristics for women offenders (mostly non-violent crime) histories of abuse and neglect, drug addiction and mental health issues with women offenders having significantly […]