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Prison/Jail:1 in every 133 U.S. residents in prisons or local jails: crime news

Gentlereaders: Thirty-five of the fifty states are undergoing severe fiscal difficulties with the remainder restricting budgets as much as possible. Considering this, it was inevitable that states would begin the process of cutting prison populations. In some states, corrections spend more money than most agencies. States have realized that they cannot control their budgets without […]


Prison Capacity–Is it Time to Cut Prison Beds? Crime News

Gentlereaders: Approximately 35 of the 50 states are experiencing severe fiscal problems. Many are doing what was considered unthinkable just a couple of years ago; they are cutting the budgets of criminal justice agencies. The discussion in California has included a possible release of up to 40,000 prison inmates. Some states are adding rehabilitative services […]