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Successful Programs Reducing Gun Violence and Homicides

Two Programs Rated “Promising” by in Reducing Firearms-Related Homicides: “Project Exile” Crime Reduction Strategy Project Exile is a crime reduction strategy in Richmond, Virginia, implemented to deter former and would-be offenders from carrying and using firearms, with an overall goal of reducing firearm-related homicides. The project is rated Promising. Firearm-related homicides decreased significantly in […]


Highest States for Teenagers Carrying a Weapon “or” Why are Rural States so Violent?

We need your help. We’re asking readers for their interpretations as to why rural states rank so high in surveys of criminal behavior. Crime in America.Net We’re always looking for new statistics on crime and criminal justice issues; something to bring perspective beyond the usual victim surveys and crimes reported to police. The Centers for […]


Record-Low Support for Stricter Gun Laws

Forty-four percent favor stricter laws on firearm sales by Jeffrey M. Jones PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup finds a new low of 44% of Americans saying the laws covering firearm sales should be made more strict. That is down 5 points in the last year and 34 points from the high of 78% recorded the first […]