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Halloween Crime Research: Freak Fest, Fright Fest and Kids and Candy

Crime in America.Net Yesterday we offered tips for a safe Halloween. Today we search the Department of Justice’s database at the National Criminal Justice Reference Service for Halloween related research articles. What we got was research on sugar and hyperactivity (which as parents we don’t believe) and four studies on college students acting badly during […]


Halloween Crime Prevention

Crime in America.Net. Tomorrow-Halloween crime prevention research. From our friends at the New York State Police; some tips for Halloween safety. Please see the link at the bottom of this page for “Tips for Parents” and a Halloween Coloring book. Our Analysis: Bottom-line; parents should accompany their children. If they protest,  that’s too bad. Accompany […]


Halloween Sex Offender Supervision

Halloween Sex Offender Supervision–Radio Program Welcome to DC Public Safety–radio and television shows on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. See  (go to radio shows) We now average 196,000 requests per month. The show interviews April Cole and Paul Brennan; both are supervisors in the sex offender unit of the Court Services and Offender […]