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1 in 11 youth Internet users received a sexual solicitation

In 2010 approximately 1 in 11 youth Internet users (9%) received an unwanted sexual solicitation in the past year.


The Census and Internet Fraud

Crime in America.Net   We posted an article on child internet safety and included previous posts, including one citing a large increase in  internet crime (up 22 percent in 2009). Please see   Now the census brings unique opportunities for those engaged in fraud. Please see the message below from the FBI:   2010 Census The 2010 Census […]


Computer crime reports increase 22 percent in 2009: Crime News-Crime Prevention

Most internet offenders came from: California, Florida, New York, The District of Columbia, Texas and Washington. Crime News by CrimeinAmerica.Net Considering that virtually every category of crime is down, we were asked what categories of crime were up. This is the second post in that series. The first was female offender arrests and incarceration. Additional […]