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Is Negative Media Coverage of Cops Hurting Crime Control?

Subtitles Pew: There is a widespread feeling among officers that police are mistreated by the media. Pew: About eight-in-ten officers (81%) say the media generally treat the police unfairly. Author By Leonard A. Sipes, Jr. Thirty-five years of supervising public affairs for national and state criminal justice agencies. Former Senior Specialist for Crime Prevention for the […]


Is the Media Correctly Covering Crime and Fear?

Editor ‘s note: A version of this article was sent as a letter to reporters and editors who cover crime. My principle question is whether media is dismissive of crime and citizen fear of crime? Has the crime discussion been corrupted by politics to the point where it’s impossible to candidly report crime topics? Author […]


Does Local Television News Mislead the Public About Crime?

Crime news by Crime in America.Net The report (link below) analyses the Los Angeles television and newspaper market regarding their coverage. As to television news they find: “The most common topic by far was crime. One out of three broadcasts led with it. Nearly half of those were about murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, property crime, traffic crime and other […]