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Bronx (NY) Mental Health Court Doesn’t Work

Bronx (NY) Mental Health Court Doesn’t Work Our notes: Specialty courts are popping up throughout the country and that’s good; the criminal justice system is trying to find ways of dealing with people who need to be diverted. Just note that there are some who claim too much success from specialty courts. Over promising is […]


Do Mental Health Courts Work?

Adult Mental Health Courts Receive Mixed Ratings Adult Mental Health Courts are specialized, treatment-oriented, problem-solving courts that divert mentally ill offenders away from the criminal justice system and into court-mandated, community-based treatment programs in order to reduce recidivism and decrease the amount of contact that mentally ill individuals have with the criminal justice system. The […]


Mental Health Courts Lower Recidivism

Gentlereaders:  The research continues the generally positive results from speciality courts focusing on an array of criminal justice issues like drugs, probation violations, prisoner reentry and mental health issues.  There is a point where the Department of Justice should take a harder look as to why so many court-related programs are claiming success. In all probability, […]