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Percent of Released Prisoners Returning to Incarceration

Crime in America.Net-Updated in November of 2014 and July of 2016. We have a reader request; she asks about recidivism of people released from prison (arrests, convictions, returns to prison). The report below summarizes the five principle studies: Federal Offender Recidivism-June of 2016 Please buy my book:“A Must Have Book,” Success With The Media: Everything […]


Successful offender reentry program in San Diego

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) recently released its third annual report on the San Diego Prisoner Reentry Program. The key program components are based on best practices and include conducting screenings and assessments and providing case management and services to meet identified needs. The report describes the program implementation, outlines the research methodology, […]


Offender Reentry–New Research: Crime News

Dear Gentlereaders: Although we would love to read more about the research listed below, it’s contained in a document that requires a subscription even though it was funded by tax paid research. Crime in America staff. Braga, Piehl, and Hureau evaluated the Boston Reentry Initiative (BRI). The BRI is an interagency initiative designed to prevent […]