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Are Violent Offenders Escaping the Criminal Justice System?

It always amazes us when people have inflated opinions about the capacities of the criminal justice system. Watch any evening television show about criminal investigation and you have a plethora of young, great looking people using the latest technology solving crimes and capturing bad guys.   They come up with more clever lines in 30 […]


Riddled with deeply troubling problems. Crime in America.Net.

What happens when a major player in the criminal justice system breaks ranks with their partners? According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “That’s what happened when  Former District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham, stung by reports that her office had consistently low conviction rates, defended her performance Monday and criticized the rest of the city’s criminal justice […]


Crime and Justice–Hampered by the Numbers

Crime in America.Net crime news. Gentlereaders: In a previous post, we discussed juvenile arrest statistics and compared them to two national studies of crime; all suggest that crime rates and totals are down throughout the Unites States and that this continues an almost continuous trend for the last 15 years or more. We also stated […]