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There’s a ‘great deal of anxiety and fear’ around policing

There’s a ‘great deal of anxiety and fear’ around policing Vice President Joe Biden said that law enforcement leaders who met in Washington on Monday agreed that “there’s a great deal of anxiety and fear” around policing, especially in the aftermath of last week’s deadly shootings. “Fear on the part of police officers that they […]


Don’t be A Cop?

Don’t be A Cop? Anyone who follows criminal justice news on a daily basis knows that there are dozens of newspaper articles focusing on the problem of recruiting police officers. The one cited below is simply the most recent. As one commentator stated after the indictment of six police officers in Baltimore after riots pertaining […]


11 police officers shot in 24 hours: Please sign the pledge below.

Crime in America Gentlereaders: We recently speculated as to whether the recent rise in police officer facilities and shootings could be due to budget cuts. We read everyday about police officers being laid-off or cuts occurring within law enforcement and the entire criminal justice system. See Recent deaths and injuries may have nothing to […]