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Sex Offenders:Recidivism of Female Sex Offenders

  Staff Introduction Dear Gentlereaders: Once again, there are differences in the offending characteristics of women and male offenders in the study below. Additional Department of Justice research indicate considerable differences in crime characteristics for women offenders (mostly non-violent crime) histories of abuse and neglect, drug addiction and mental health issues with women offenders having significantly […]


Sex Offender Tracking–Can States Keep Up?

Dear readers: This article from the Washington Post is a continuation of news coverage detailing growing complexities of justice administration coupled with severe budget difficulties in 35 of the 50 states. At what point do the “complexities” simply overwhelm the capacities of states to deal with crime issues? Crime in America.Net staff. Violator registry is growing […]


Effectiveness of Sex Offender Treatment

Dear Readers: The summary is from the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the US Department of Justice and is available through .   SEX OFFENDERS   Duwe and Goldman evaluated the effectiveness of prison-based treatment for sex offenders. This study examined the recidivism outcomes for 2,040 treated and untreated sex offenders released from Minnesota prisons between […]