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Could Technology Change Policing?

Two Reports on Technology Needs Advances in technology can improve the safety and effectiveness of the criminal justice system, especially for law enforcement agencies. To support agencies’ using new technology, the Department of Justice supports a broad research portfolio to ensure technology is efficient, adequate and accessible. Two new publications — produced by the RAND […]


Is Technology Leading to 3.4 Million People Being Stalked?

Gentlereaders: We now have a day and age where people can be stalked via the Internet and GPS devices. Privacy may be a luxury of the past. Did you ever Google yourself? You would be surprised to find that there is considerable personal information on just about anyone on the net. The good people at  Facebook […]


Sex Offender Tracking–Can States Keep Up?

Dear readers: This article from the Washington Post is a continuation of news coverage detailing growing complexities of justice administration coupled with severe budget difficulties in 35 of the 50 states. At what point do the “complexities” simply overwhelm the capacities of states to deal with crime issues? Crime in America.Net staff. Violator registry is growing […]