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Jail-Based Treatment Programs Decline Significantly-Crime in America.Net

A reader wants to know of a recent example of budget cuts regarding programs for offenders.  There is no systematic analysis of budget cutting on any aspect of the criminal justice system yet newspaper articles are filled with examples, see He contacted us in reference to two recent Crime in America.Net articles, namely “Most States […]


20 Year Prison Study—Treatment Works: Crime Statistics

Crime in America.Net staff. Updated in 2016 The research provides the results of a correctional program over the course of 20 years. We are unaware of any criminological research beyond twin studies (research on the behavioral aspects of twins) lasting as long. The research involves “Cognitive Behavioral Treatment” or an attempt to rearrange the thinking […]


Violence Prevention:Target High Risk Offenders But Help the Rest

Gentlereaders: The debate throughout the country regarding parole and probation supervision is treatment versus enforcement. The discussion is decades old without resolution. With recent and encouraging research in offender treatment and reentry, it seems that we can help offenders who want to be helped to become tax payers rather than tax burdens. Maybe the debate is […]