Crime News: Geography and Public Safety

Crime News: The document discusses neighborhoods and the importance of geographic composition. It examines topics, definitions and technologies that demonstrate that neighborhoods matter. Articles bring the abstract idea of a neighborhood into a concrete set of ideas for practice. The articles by Marc Buslik, Phil Canter and Mark Warren highlight how numerous delineations of neighborhood boundaries make it more difficult for the police to serve the public adequately. John Markovic discusses why neighborhoods matter when implementing community policing. Lastly, Jim Zepp highlights how residents of various neighborhoods participated in a government contest to create web sites that helped citizens of Washington, D.C., better communicate information about their neighborhoods to others.

Articles include:

  • Why Neighborhoods Matter: The Importance of Geographic Composition
  • Not In My Neighborhood: An Essay on Policing Place
  • Policing Neighborhoods in Baltimore County
  • Neighborhoods Matter: A Situational Policing Perspective
  • Applying Community Policing Tapestry Data to Public Safety
  • The Socioeconomic Mapping and Resource Topography (SMART) System
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