Successful Programs Reducing Gun Violence and Homicides

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Two Programs Rated “Promising” by in Reducing Firearms-Related Homicides:

“Project Exile” Crime Reduction Strategy

Project Exile is a crime reduction strategy in Richmond, Virginia, implemented to deter former and would-be offenders from carrying and using firearms, with an overall goal of reducing firearm-related homicides. The project is rated Promising. Firearm-related homicides decreased significantly in the target area, compared with other U.S. cities where the program was not implemented.

Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative

The Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative is a crime focused initiative, designed to address gang-related gun homicides in selected cities. The initiative involved a comprehensive model of suppression (enforcement), prevention, and reentry. The program is rated Promising. There was a significant reduction in gun homicides related to gang crime in cities that implemented the initiative.


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