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What works in policing

Crime in America.Net One of the biggest complaints from the law enforcement community is the lack of authoritative documents distilling the best methods of crime control. If you contacted the Department of Justice’s clearinghouse and ask for such documents in the past you got a rambling bibliography. The National Institute of Justice of the US […]


Most States Cutting Budgets for Corrections—USA Today Warns That More Cuts May Harm National Crime Reductions

Crime in America.Net There are two prominent and recent items that address budget impacts on state criminal justice systems. One is “The Fiscal Survey of the States from the National Governors Association and the National Association of State Budget Officers” (summarized below) stating that only 12 states did not cut correctional budgets in Fiscal Year 2010 […]


The little things that add up to crime

Editor’s Notes: The article below provides a great summary of law enforcement in America. It says more about the realities of urban crime control than many criminological textbooks. Crime in America.Net. By Peter Hermann | [email protected] November 4, 2009 The two dozen or so residents from South Baltimore’s Riverside neighborhood turned off Light Street and onto Heath, […]